I finally got around to having a place where you can find discussions for old classics, raves for new titles, and discoveries in the gaming world. Every once in a while something shows up that's exciting in fresh, and I just don't have the time or space for it--But not anymore. So keep checking it out, because I'll sure as hell be busy the next few weeks.

                                                                                                    --The Author

Shift 4  Has Arrived  !                                                                             

   No one tells me anything! When I found out, I was delighted. After I played it, I was thrilled. The results of the 4th installment were better then I could've hoped for, but the game hit the charts with a surprising lack of popularity. No doubt since it just came out, no one's heard about it. But I guarantee you, when word gets out, it'll be bigger than big. Not only does a new storyline take place, it also introduces new gameplay elements, such as controlling two peopel at once, and consistent weight switches. I can hardly wait for the 5th one already...                                                                                                                             Check it out>>

 Free Rider 2 Maps and More                     

So recently I've discovered a great database site that has the greatest collection of Free Rider 2 maps the world has ever known. My personal favorite is Para Drop--It's short but extremely fun to play, even when you die, because the other stick figures look like the biker you paly as, and of course they all try to shoot you. When you're flying into a cloud of bullets it looks like you actually do get shot in midair. But enough about that. I also discovered that there is a new vehicle to play as--The Skateboarder! YEAH! I don't know how long it's been out, but it's the funnest vehicle yet, I think. So visit the place, it's definitely worth the trip. Oh, and incidentally...I was thinking just yesterday...Wouldn't it be fun to have a wheelchair vehicle? I mean, think about it--It'd be like the unicycle, but better. Apparently I'm not the only one to have though that... Maybe it's already being tested? Just a thought.

                                                                                                       Check it out>>


Arcade Discovery's Kongregate Profile                 

   This is great news. If you don't know what Kongregate is, it's a gaming site that is extraordinarily popular and rightfully deserves it, in addition to hosting thousands of games. I've become addicted to this great creation. If you're wondering why exactly I picked the name "ArcadeDiscovery", I'll tell you.

 1) For the sake of consistency

 2) People on Kongregate will know what the site is,       and people on the site know who I am from there.

 3) Because Anyone who knows my existing profiles in       other places will know me from there.

   It's that simple, really. Anyways, I hope it attracts visitors, even though I haven't put much information on it yet. But I'll get on that once things here settle down. So feel free to chat and ask me questions via Kongregate, and make sure to visit Kongregate, because not only is the system of earning badges and cards very fun, but you get to know people through the world of gaming. See you soon!

                                                                                                                    Check it out>>

  An Awards Ceremony ?                             

   So I noticed a while back that the contact button looked a little dusty, although I haven't actually checked in a while...Sorry, if there's anyone waiting for a reply--I've been busy. But as Summer draws nearer, I suspect I'll have a bit more free time on my hands. So, anyway...Wouldn't it be cool to host an awards show, just for fun? You know, stuff like Best Sountracks and Best Graphics. But...Well, it was only an idea, and I don't really think I've got enough games on the site to do it yet. Here's what I think: I got this idea from the site I found the clipart on. It was a soccer tournament site, and they'd said that after 300 games they'd found their 30 champions. Due to the semi-related nature of this topic, I decided that when the site gets 300 games, we will have our nominees. DO NOT SEND IN ANY NOMINEES--The site doesn't have enough content yet, as aforementioned. The idea could be tweaked, so let me know what you guys think. But here are some POSSIBLE categories for awards:

   1) Best Graphics

   2) Best Soundtrack

   3) Best Character and Cast

   4) Most Innovative Gameplay


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