Commando series                        

   In this game you are a lone rebellious soldier fighting against waves of attacks from soldiers, tanks, planes, and more as you progress through each area in a mission. You must dart across periolous trenches and edge past crumbling cliffs, jump past lava pits and dodge mine carts filled with explosives if you wish to beat this game. In the second game, you can choose your weapons and unlock a wide variety of them. This is a fun and lenghy game, even though the controls, to put it bluntly, are terrible, or at least the way you fire is. Try them out, though, and you might just be wanting more! 4 out of 5.                                                                                                                                                                                    -Play 1-   -Play 2-

Ether series                              

   In a history of combat and shooting games, The Ether series has ranked in my favorites. You may think I'm exaggerating, but I sure liked them. The visuals and effects were among the best I've seen, and the gameplay is fun and exciting. In Ether Cannon you are a cannon with the power to defeat the forces of Ether. For every enemy you kill you gain credits, called Ether, which you can use to upgrade your ship. In Ether War, you fight alongside comrade ships, which you can also upgrade, and must defend a space station in the far reaches of the cozmos from The Ether. These games were a blast, and I give them both well-earned 5 out of 5s.                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Play "Cannon"-   -Play "War"-


Prince of War series                                 

   In this game you command a variety of Units, similiar to Warlords, though on a smaller scale. The units can only be deployed from one place, whereas the enemies will always deploy a few stray weak enemies, on the off-chance that you won't see them. If one or two enemies get past your ranks, then the game is lost and you will have to start the whole campaign over again. In both your character is a smug person of royal descent that has been assigned to command the forces and fight the goblins back into exile. Although I liked the second better than the first, they were both pretty good and I give the series a 4 out of 5.

                                                                                                          -Play-  -Play 2-

Tank 2008                               

   You control a tank that is the only hope for an endangered civilization. That's pretty sad. I wonder how they even survived this long. Well anyway, you customize your tank and decide on your controls, and then you are placed on the field of battle, filled with many enemies and several structures. Sometimes the mission the give you won't be to destroy the enemies, but all the storage houses instead. When you finish a region, you will face a gigantic boss and move on to the next. You unlock weapons as you progress. This game was amazing...It is one of the best combat games I have palyed to date...If they don't come out with a Tank 2009, I'll have to drop my computer off a cliff in sorrow. If I would, I would give this game a 6 out of 5, but I guess they'll have to settle for 5.                                                                                                           -Play-

Bot Arena series                          

   If, while reading this, your puzzled as to why I left out Bot Arena 1's play link, it's because I can't find it. At any rate, this is a great series. Its fun because not only do you get you get to blow up stuff you also get to make your own bots and name them! You face computers, and actually do not move yourself, but tell your bots where to go. I'm suddenly having flashbacks of a certain TV show, and I'm pretty sure that's where they got the idea. I give this game an eager-to-be-used 5 out of 5.                                                                                                                                       -Play 2-  -Play 3-

Heli Attack Trilogy                        

   In these games you are a soldier that must fend off the onslaught of enemy copters. In the first one, that's just it; shoot down as many as you can for a higher score. The second one includes time distortion, more weapons, and advanced jumping skills. The third one has these and is set in a more level-like adventure mode. You advance through the zones and levels by shooting down a certain number of enemies and unlock new weapons. This was awesome, pwnsome even. And I even found a cheat to get a black hole generator. If that doesn't deserve a 5 out of 5, I don't know what does.                                                                                                                              -Play 1-   -Play 2-   -Play 3-

Indestructo Tank                              

   Indestructo Tank is, if you haven't already guessed, a tank that is completely indestructible, except for a slight tendency to blow up when it runs out of fuel. The odd aspect of this game is that you want the missiles falling from the sky to hit you, and that the homing ones are actually considered "good", or "better". This is because the explosion will send you flying up into the air, allowing you to destroy the copters that sent them on contact. Net combos and experience by destroying 2 or more without touching the ground. when you gain enough experience, you restock on fuel and get to buy more enemies to attack you. The most recent version (AE) features co-op play, where player two must shoot down the missiles that actually hurt you. A great game, which deserves at least 4.5 out of 5, if not better.                                                                                                                                                    -Play-

 Warlords series                              

    In Warlords: A Call to Arms you must fend off the advancing troops with your own army, conquering each region one after the other. You must release troops from your own side of the screen constantly to defend from the impending attack. Each time one of your own soldiers crosses the enemy line, the status bar above the field moves slightly in that direction, the opposite direction when an opponent's soldiers come barging through. Each battle you will have the chance to buy more units, and become stronger in the process. In Warlords: Heroes you must advance through a territory in a first-person adventure style, hacking your way through enemy lines.  I think this score goes mostly out to the first game as I thought it much better than the second: 4 out of 5.   -Play 1-    -Play 2-

Color Wars                                      

   This is an awesome game. It's almost like a combat version of Go Spin. You must fend off the colored shapes that swarm around the screen by shooting them. You can anchor yourself with spacebar and aim and fire with the mouse, or have your character follow the mouse while firing, aiming in one direction. press down one of the A, S, or D keys to change color. If you are not the same color as the attacker, your shots will not effect it. Different types of shapes have different attributes. While Triangles seek and destroy, squares bounce around the screen aimlessly. Shoot down the enemy for the highest score. I liked the game a lot, 4 out of 5.                                                                                                                                                         -Play-

Doodle Defender series                            

   In these games you draw your own ship, then take it onto the battlefield. In the first one you draw your own ship, equipped with low agility and one cannon, and go out onto an area where enemy doodles swarm to attack you. each time another ship runs into you (for they can't shoot) you lose a copy of your doodle. You only have a limited amount of copies, so be careful. Once you've shot down everything on the screen, the session is over. Before you start another one, you can upgrade your ship and buy more copies. In the second one, There are obstacles set in levels called pages. Just destroy whatever's nearby and move down to the bottom of the screen to move on to the next page.Once you die, it will give you all the info on your journey, ending your ship's legacy. 3.5 out of 5.                                                                                                                      -Play 1-   -Play 2-

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