Obstacle and Distance Games

   In these, your main goal is to avoid being blown to bits, pummeled, or crushed. Some have courses you must reach the end of. Others are just one cycle in which your goal is to get as far as possible. Another variation of these games is that you must get the farthest distance away by doing some sort of action. Ratings on these games have a low standard, generally speaking, but they're energetic action games that put rythm and distance to a great beat.

Dolphin Olympics                               

   Freestyle in the vast ocean, compelling fish to traavel with as you perform flips, dives, and belly-flops. Earn points based on entry and height, and create stunning firework displays with the flick opf a fin. Reach heights beyond possibility and unimaginable speeds, and make it to that big restaraunt in the sky. An interesting concept compiled with a fun gameplay results in this highlighted experience at Arcade Discovery. 4 out of 5.                                                                                                                                                                   -Play-

Dino Run                       

   In the age of Dinosaurs, you are peacefully stalking an animal in a small clearing, when a massive collision sakes the ground on which you stand. You look behind yourself and see an enormous black cloud of death expanding from the point of impact. Run for your lives, or be swallowed by fate as you flee the countryside searching for a means of escape. Hop over the heads of confused passerby, occasionally nabbing eggs and eating smaller dinos to earn DNA points, which let you level up and grow faster and stronger, and escape the impending wrath of darkness. But be quick, and don't fall into the spiky skelatal remains of your brethren or the lava pits--otherwise you just might be wishing you'd chosen the first option. Too bad they hadn't invented roller skates yet, or this game would've been a breeze. A fun game, which I can see absolutely nothing to criticize in--only praise. Give it a shot, and try the challenges. With a wide variety of maps, the only thing that this game deserves is 4.3 out of 5.                                                                                                              -Play-

Hedgehog Launch                    

   Hedgehog launch is a game where a secret governmental headquarters located in a subburban backyard is assigned the task of launching a hedgehog into space using a combination of explosive rocket fuel and stylish goggles. Try and hit as many of the boost platforms and tokens suspended in the air as you can, earning money based on how many of them you get, how far you go, and how high you go. Activate the rockets strapped to the hedgehog at you leisure, and watch the hedgehog fly over the seemingly endless lawn at break-neck speeds. A really good experience, that's worth the time it takes to play it, I think. With this rocket-powered hedgehog at your side, nothing can stop you. 4.5 out of 5.                                                                                                                                  -Play-

Shopping Cart Hero                            

   This is a lot like Hedgehog Launch, to be honest. It's got it's minor differences, but the goal is the same: reach space through the means of rocket propulsion. It's just a lot simpler, and the graphics aren't as good. Of course, you still have new things that require opposable thumbs, like doing tricks and...well, holding on. You can buy upgrades for your wheels and rockets, as well as people to go with you on this slightly epic journey to space. At least, until you crash. Before playing this game, make sure to read the manual for, "How to drive a rocket-propelled shopping cart off a cliff safely". 3 out of 5.                                                                                                                             -Play-


Cave of Despair                                

   In this fun grappling title, you must help Dr. Carter swing through the cave of despair, and escape the doomed fate of being burned to a crisp. Collect the bizzare shiny gems levitating high above the lava, but be careful! If you lag behind by swinging at the wrong angle, you're in for it--a tsunami of red-hot molten lava is fast approaching behind you. This was pretty fun, with simplistic gameplay burning with energy. 4 out of 5                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Play-                                                                                               

Tunnel Rush                                 

   In this hi-speed game you are a dragon that flies through a narrow tunnel with the screen spinning and sliding madly. Try to delay death by flying as far as you can into the tunnel for a better score. The corridor colors change rapidly, adding to the increasing absurdity of flying into a tunnel with no visible exit. The measurement ends where you crash against the wall. You might recognize the BGM, from F-zero. It fits great with the game, to be honest. I give it 4 out of 5.                                                                                                                                       -Play-

Through the Machine                              

   You are a fly in a factory searching for some mean of escape. But the only way out is through...that's not good. You have several hit points, so don't waste them, because you'll definitely need them now. Collect the...things...to earn bonus points. The surroundings attempt to crush you in time to music, adding an interesting sound to it. I think this game has earned a 5 out of 5.                                                                                                                 -Play-

Run Soldier, Run!                           

   The screen shows a group of soldiers running for their lives in the middle of a bombing. That must be you. Yes, your chances of survival aren't looking all that great. What I like about this game is it has some unique controls, as your controlling not one person, but more. You can spread out/crowd together with the up and down arrow keys, and move them in unison with the left and right ones. Soldiers rush to join you from the right side of the screen as the impending attack grows heavier, helping your score but making it harder to avoid bombs. The music is great, it makes it sound dramatic, making it all the more hillarious. I give this game a 5 out of 5.                                                                                                                                                             -Play-

Spin series                                  

   The object of these games is to get the most distance by avoiding the walls, meteors, and also the bottom of the screen (but not in all at once!). The screen also slides and inverts on you, making your brain get all tangled up, and eventually, you go the wrong direction and the game ends because you touched one of the obstacles. In Spin Sprint you must press the right keys to dive through the openings in the wall. Spin Swim is similar to this in the sense that you must still swim through the openings in the fragmented wall, except that you have control of motion. Spin Soar is similar to Spin Swim in the sense that you have free movement, but fragmented meteors are bouncing slowly across the screen towards you. And finally that leaves Spin Climb, a game that you must jump on the platforms to avoid touching the bottom of the screen (I'm oddly having flashbacks from a certain SNES game...). 4 out of 5.

                 -Play Green-   -Play Yellow-    -Play Red-   -Play Blue-

Traps, Mines, and Sheep                          

   Indeed, I think the title gives away a lot about this game. This springy little lamb is soaring on the skies of adventure and explosives. In fact, he's soaring into explosives. Evey time he hits a mine it propels him forward, and mines that give you the feeling that he's going to die if he hits one give him an even bigger boost. If he doesn't hit the ground it's alright, because he'll just bounce back up into the air again. But if he bounces too much he'll just end up skidding into a trap. Traps are feindish and evil devices that farmers have planted to catch sheep. If you hit one, the game ends and you can either submit your score or try for a better one. 4 out of 5.



   This is a fun little course. You are a black blob named Umbrita, cousin of moss, in a land of danger, so its natural that you get lost and must navigate your way through it. Avoid spikes and falling fireballs to reunite yourself with Umbrita's family. At the end, you can submit your time to see where you rank. 3 out of 5.


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