Two-wheeled Driving/Biking games

   These are the games where you control a two-wheeled vehicle on a 2-D plane, typically with the arrow keys, using up to accelerate, down to deccelerate, and left and right to balance. Some of them have a selection of vehicles. Most of the time if you get flipped over or hit your head on any surface you die.                    

ATV Extreme                             

   This game reminds me distantly of Stunt Dirt Bike and Nuclear Bike combined. You drive an easily set off balance ATV and drive over canyon and creek to catch the Bonus Medallions. Some of the terrain can be very difficult and uncooperative, but rocky soil should be no match for the wheels of you ATV, and as you drive over the ground in aerial jumps, you end up more uphended by crashing into a solid dirt wall just below the jump. But while slightly infuriating, it is very entertaining.  4 out of 5.


 -Biking Games-


Adrenaline Challenge                         

   This is a fun-filled ten level game. The unique part about this game is that there are tons of crazy techniques to getting the green checkpoint-like spheres in this game. If you beat the time records then it unlocks bike parts and driver suits, to customize your character with. There are new levels at 4 out of 5.                                                                                                                                    -Play-

Miniclip Mountain Bike                      

     Another Biking game where you advance through various levels. In some, there are rails you have to get across, where if you don't have enough speed you fall through them. In others there are perilous turns, and you must sidle to avoid plummeting into pits. Do tricks to earn time, because if you run out of time you restart. Beat the trials of Miniclip Mountain Bike and rise to the top! This game gets a 5 out of 5.                                                                                                                                                                      -Play-

Nuclear Bike                             

   In this level-advancing biking game you must overcome a series of loops, twists and corners in the form of something resembling a track, though I could put it more clearly into your head by calling it a graveyard of fallen bikers. Ok, maybe it's not that difficult, but it's challenging and fun. You must also collect the medallions in the course and clear the checkered flag in time. A fun game that I give a 5 out of 5.                                                                                                                                                                    -Play-

Dirt Bike series                            

   In these games you must overcome the various obstacles set in your path on each level. Oil drums, planks of wood, wooden barrels, steel sculptures, and many more things await you in the first one. I like the fact that the background for the level you're on is the next one you will be playing. And the when you play that one the previous level obscures your vision. In the second one you must climb over the rocky hills, but if you die you have to restart the whole game. The third one has a bit more advanced graphics, and you must travel through junkyards, car body shops, city streets, and more. Finally, Dirt Bike 4 finds you riding high above the city over rooftops and construction zones. I give the Dirt Bike series a 5 out of 5. 

                  -Play 1-   -Play 2-   -Play 3-   -Play 4-

Bike Mania                             

   A biking game similar to Stunt Dirt Bike without the unlockable vehicles and a different style of graphics. Each level has a few dozen tons of obstacles from which you must emerge triumphant (and hopefully in one piece). The first, second and "on ice" versions are very similar with a change of style and a fresh aray of obstacles. The size and shape of the obstacles are fun and challenging to overcome. I give these games a   4 out of 5.                                                                                                                                                                                          -Play-   -Play "on ice"-   -Play 2-

Max Dirt Bike                              

   In Max Dirt Bike you control a bike that is easily flipped over, in a variety of colorful worlds. Each level supports a variety of shapes in the form of a series of obstacles. While it was fun, the graphics were something a bit less than exciting. But the actual difficulty made it not just challenging but fun. With 22 levels in all, I think it deserves a 4 out of 5.                                                                                                             -Play-

Stunt Dirt Bike                             

   In this fun biking game you can also drive ATVs, and you must unlock each of the 4 vehicles by completing a certain number of levels. Each one has different qualites such as bounciness and balance. The graphics are fair and the menu sountrack I like. The various levels are fun and challenging, and I give them all a 4 out of 5.                                                                                                               


SteerWheels series                     

   In this game you control SteerWheels, a connected pair of wheels, and must get the yellow ball to the goal, overcoming various obstacles such as trampolines, bridges, crevices, and catapults. If you can defeat all these challenges, than I hate you, because I could not beat all of them myself. 4 out of 5. (Note: due to technical difficulties, the game link to SteerWheels 1 may not be working)                                                                                                                                                                                        -Play-   -Play 2-

 -Other Two wheeled Driving Games-

Buggy Run                                

   In this game you are a Dune Buggy driver trained to navigate through minefields. At least we hope you are a trained professional, or this could be very bad. For you, anyway. Yes, as is expected, there are explosives set along the abandoned minefield path, which if you hit, damage you. But not as much as flipping over, which is odd. If your health drops below zero, your Buggy will explode violently, leaving your buggy trails at an abrubt halt. In the second pone, not much has changed, xcept you now patrol the arctic wasteland with a flashy new chrome paint job.This was a pretty fun twist beyond the normal side-to-side driving game. 4 out of 5.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Play-

Dune Buggy                             

   In this game you find yourself being a dune buggy that must navigate very dangerous courses filled with bottomless pits, poisonous sludge, and fragile bridges. This could be predicted. What wasn't expected of your Dune Buggy, however, is its uncanny ability to change into a tiny Dune Buggy, A Dune Buggy with severely overlarge tires, or simply a single, bouncy, tire. This is a very fun game I give a 5 out of 5.


Shadow Factory                                

   In this you control the SXbeetle400, and explore a broken-down nuclear plant that was shut down years ago, trying to find reasons why. Unfortunately there are no nuclear explosions, just broken down machinery that you must climb over.Well, you can still find  ways to crash, such as being crushed by pistons or falling into oblivion. If you do happen to do one of these things, you must buy a new car and start at the beginning of the area. You can also crash by damaging your car by staying flipped over for too long or just getting beat up too much. You only have a certain amount of credits, so be careful. Yet another 4 out of 5.  


Extreme Trucks                                   

   In this game you control a car and drive over many terrains. Through hills, underwater, and over metal, the Extreme Truck goes, searching for a purpose. If you are flipped over for an amount of time, you expectedly die. The thing is, do cars usually implode whne on their backs too long? Well...In the internet gaming world, I suppose they do. At any rate, in the second one the graphics have changed slightly and your mission is still the same: Live to ride another day. 4 out of 5.                                                                                                             -Play-

Jump Gear                                

   This little car with eyes enjoys driving and jumping, so why don't we help him out? Alright then. In this game you must navigate it through the level seperated by checkpoints, but don't worry. If you get stuck, this weird little shriveled up sunflower will show the way. Collect stars and power-ups in the air to get Jump Gear to the checkpoint faster, such as freezing water, giving him speed boosts, and allowing him to fly. If you run out of time, you must rely on your own momentum to get you to the checkpoint, or it's game over for you. 3 out of 5.                                                                                                                                                                                            -Play-

Off the Rails                       

   Ok, so this might not be what you look for in this category, but it works, right? Ok. So the object in this game is to pump the handcar through the levels by rapidly tapping the arrow keys. If you don't come out of the level with a working handcar chances are you've already exploded in a cacophony of baked and rusty items. This is either becase you've been chased out of your handcar by a death train that likes to follow people on the track, or because you've met some of the various enemies barring your way. Try it again, but this time take it slow enough to not get hit by the train but so you can jump the weird looking creatures. This sounds easier than it looks. 4 out of 5.                                                                                                                                                                                          -Play-

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